Natashas Bedroom – Euphoria


Amyl nitrate. That rush of euphoria to your mind and swelling of to your cock — it’s incredible. Po.ppers remove your inhibitions, enabling you to finally let go and give in to my teasing swirl of seduction and stroking instructions. I love the power it gives me over you, and you love surrendering to that power. So get out that bottle, and prepare to get fucked up for me.

You’ll be sniffing, whiffing and huffing as I edge your cock and show off my sexy red lingerie and impossibly tiny thong. I’m going to lure you down into a state of mindless arousal, seduce you into losing all control, and then manipulate your mind and your cock into an explosive orgasm — but only if you follow my sniffing instructions exactly.

Femdom POV – Forced Intox – JOI – Lingerie Tease – Mindfuck – Sensual Domination

Date: August 2, 2018