Hegre – Serena L – Multiple Orgasms Challenge


How often can a girl reach the top?
In the warm afternoon light, Serena enters the room. A long couch against the wall sits beneath an open window. Birds can be heard singing outside. Serena is naked, and she takes a seat next to a small table on which two bowls sit. One is full of nuts, the other is empty.
As Serena then explains, she has accepted “a challenge.” She is going to have as many orgasms as she can, and each time she has one, she will move a nut from the full bowl to the empty bowl. In this way, she will count her cums.
Using her fingers, a vibrator, and a dildo, Serena journeys on her quest. With each jolt of ecstasy, she reaches out – often in a daze – to move a nut. It’s a mix of sport, sex, and spirituality. How many nuts do you think Serena will move? Come in and discover…

Date: May 6, 2018
Actors: Serena L