ExploitedCollegeGirls – Marie


Amateur ebony girl Marie. The scene begins with a small interview. Then she takes the vibrator and starts to masturbate while she gets a second vibrator in the ass. Then she gets fucked in doggy style, missionary, sideway, reverse cowgirl positions. After the guy cums in her pussy and she gets creampied. The scene ends with a small review of the sex.

Anal alert! Like many of our girls, 22 year old Marie wanted to broaden her horizons, so what does she do? Why, shoot some porn of course, and we\’re sure glad she came to us with her exotic looks and enormous sexual appetite! She tells us she got her first taste of sex at 15 and has been pretty busy since then trying new things. You\’re going to love Marie\’s perfect 32D boobs that are soft and real along with her beautifully shaped ass. Much to the surprise (and excitement) of TC, he was happy to hear she was into anal (for obvious reasons) which got his mind and cock working extra well, which you\’ll see. But she\’s gone farther than that on her sexual journey and has headed to swingers clubs where she\’s taken multiple guys at once, just out kind of girl!

Any girl that likes to experiment naturally likes grinding on a toy and pretty Marie is no exception, in fact she has all kinds of toys. She couldn\’t wait to get started, so out came the vibes to get her warmed up. Marie never had something in her ass and pussy at the same time, so TC took care of that filling both her holes with vibrating goodness. If you\’re going to fill two holes, you might as well fill three and Marie was more than up to the task as she expertly takes TC\’s massive manhood all the way down. Of course, when you have a girl who\’s into anal, bending her over and enjoying that beautiful butt is a must. TC gives both her wet, creamy pussy a workout and eager asshole as well. From behind, on top, on the bottom, TC gives Marie a fuck she\’s going to remember and along the way knocks out more firsts for her, including a huge creampie that filled her wet pussy to the brim. So it\’s mission accomplished for broadening Marie\’s horizons and we suspect this isn\’t the last we\’ll see of her or her magnificent ass!

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