DickDrainers – Niki Wakes Up For BBC & Black Ass


Niki Snow is a busy girl. Work, school, and so much more. She’s so busy that after a long day, she doesn’t properly lock her door. And an improperly locked door means…dangerous BLACK THUGS can get in. And thats exactly what happens. A masked intruder breaks into Niki’s apartment. He searches the house, looking for anything of value to steal and sell. Moving quietly through the apartment he comes across something very…very valuable.

A vulnerable, blonde haired, brown eyed SNOWBUNNY! The sight of this pure, innocent white beauty fills the black intruder with LUST. So he decides to rob her of one of her most valued possessions: HER VIRGIN THROAT. The intruder roughly fucks her face, causing drool and slobber to pour out of her mouth! Not content with just her mouth on his BIG BLACK DICK, the depraved intruder makes the sweet innocent girl to EAT HIS DIRTY ASSHOLE. And Like a good girl, Niki does what she has to do to safeguard herself and her possessions: she slurps all the juices out of the black asshole, sticking her tongue DEEP into his hole, driving him crazy as she cleans it!

After taking her throat and using her tongue as a washcloth for almost an hour, the intruder unleashes a MASSIVE NUT right in the Snowbunny’s mouth! Next time, Niki will remember to lock her door! Or will she

Date: June 5, 2018
Actors: Niki Snow