DickDrainers – Lexy Bandera


DickDrainers – Lexy Bandera – 2 Black Thugs Gangbang Lexy’s Face and Make Her Eat Black Ass

DickDrainers – Lexy Bandera – 2 Black Thugs Gangbang Lexy’s Face and Make Her Eat Black Ass . “Lexy is a good girl who just so happens to like bad guys. You see, Lexy’s boyfriend is in a gang. He sells drugs, does robberies, all kinds of unsavory stuff. He doesn’t bring his work home with him, so Lexy knows a little bit of what he does….but not the full extent. But lately, her boyfriend has been a little stressed, been working a lot longer…he’s been acting like there’s something big on his mind. You see, Lexy’s boyfriend fucked up. A deal he was working on went bad and now he owes a rival gang A LOT of money. Money that he doesn’t have. Money that these gangbangers want NOW. And these gangbangers? They are NOT nice people. Lexy doesn’t know all this…but she does know that SOMETHING is up. She’s been getting strange calls and now there’s a strange car that’s been parked outside for the last half hour. And her boyfriend??? NOWHERE TO BE FOUND! Lexy is a little scared and she tries calling her boyfriend, but he doesn’t pick up. Not a good sign. And an even worse sign comes when there’s a knock at the door and Lexy see’s two black THUGS through the peephole. Ignoring the knock isn’t an option, Lexy knows that. But maybe…just maybe…they’ll be reasonable? Maybe they’ll realize that she has nothing to do with her boyfriend’s business and they’ll leave her alone? Maybe she can avoid any unnecessary unpleasantness and get them in and out quickly? That’s what Lexy is thinking when she opens the door. But once one of the thugs grabs her by the neck….she knows that this is going to be an unpleasant ordeal.”

Interracial, mmf, Blowjob only scene; includes sloppy oral, supine oral, face fucking, her rimming her two partners and ends with her receiving an open mouth facial

Date: June 11, 2018
Actors: Lexy Bandera