Cybill Troy – Bagged Like a Burrito & Ass Fucked


Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League

Sleep sacks are wonderful. As well as making a neat little package, their other great purpose is….. total and utter control over contents of said sack.

With this in mind, Cybill Troy has bagged up her gimp. She loves that her gimp is going nowhere. Totally at her mercy, wrapped up in immobilizing latex, she has made him into her very own shiny, black, latex burrito.

However, this particular burrito is, its not for eating. Instead Miss Troy is going to pound the hell out of her helpless, squirming, rubber bundle.

Cybill Troy thoroughly enjoys her gimps helpless state. All he can hope for is that his asshole can withstand the impending strap on invasion.

Miss Troy gives her gimp a close up view of what will soon be deep in his ass. She has him lick and worship her cock with his helpless mouth while sitting astride him. With an evil laugh she then flips her bagged victim over before unzipping & loosening the gimps worried hole.

Satisfied at the negligible resistance shown by her targets hole, Cybill Troy commences going to work, hammering away at her helpless gimps ass.

She enjoys a thoroughly satisfying drilling deep into her rubber burrito. His cries and limited struggles only serve to spur her on to go harder and deeper.

With her appetite for this odd snack sated, Miss Troy’s final gift is a huge conical plug, which she uses both hands to drive deep into her gimp.With huge plug finally rammed home, Cybill Troy zips up the gimps bag and cruelly flips him onto his back once more. Fully impaling the plug into him under his own weight.

Date: March 23, 2018
Actors: Cybill Troy