AllHerLuv – Make Me Believe


AllHerLuv – Make Me Believe – Adriana Chechik, Aubrey Sinclair, Sofi Ryan

Adriana Chechik, Aubrey Sinclair, Sofi Ryan in AllHerLuv – Make Me Believe: Sofi calmly reassures her girlfriends that she knows how hard it is to be pure & stay true to God, that’s why you have to have a partner to help you. “I have Lisa, she helps me relieve my tensions and frustrations, while still staying true to our Lord.” The girls gasp. Aubrey, “isn’t lesbianism a sin?”! Sofi explains that she’s not going to marry Lisa. They just help each other, and there’s nothing wrong with being helpful. “It’ll clear your mind from sin,” she tells Adriana, “drop your towel, let me show you how.”

Date: February 14, 2018